Brick Matching

Our brick matching service will allow you to maintain a quality appearance to the brickwork when renovating, extending or repairing a home.

Whether you are a home owner, builder or brick layer MD Brick's on site free brick matching will give you the confidence to co-ordinate with existing brickwork. With the help of our specialists and our wide range of bricks we can not only help identify the type of brick to be matched but also match textures, sizes and colours.

MD Brick have a significant advantage in matching bricks as we supply bricks from all the major Australian brick manufacturers including Austral, Boral, PGH, Namoi Valley and Lincoln Brickworks.

To take advantage of this service you can:

  • Review our list of the Most Highly Matched Bricks below and click on those that best match your bricks. The selected bricks may give you a better indication of brick colour and texture.

  • Send us photos of the bricks to match. Please complete our Brick Match Request Form below and include a close-up photo to assist in identifying texture and colour as well as a long range photograph for more defined colouring.

  • If you are a builder or brick layer, MD Brick will arrange a site visit, inspect your brick work and match your bricks.

Our specialist knowledge will save you time in researching the many bricks available, but also save you money by not ordering bricks that do not exactly fit. You might also like to view the many bricks we have available.

Brick matching will give you the attention to detail that you need for the perfect result.

Brick Matching Form

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Most Highly Matched Bricks

Please click on each image to show a larger, more detailed view of each brick.

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