Namoi Valley Bricks & Pavers

Namoi Valley Bricks

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Namoi Valley Bricks produce a unique range of clay bricks and pavers for both residential and commercial applications.

  • Architectural Range is ideal for Federation style buildings or prestigious commercial projects
  • Sandstock Range is a colonial style brick with a rustic appearance and rich earthly colours
  • Classic Range is perfect for colonial as well as contemporary style buildings
  • Homestead Range has a neat rustic appearance, with rich earthly colours

If you require specialty bricks, MDBrick, together with Namoi Valley can assist you to match and then manufacture bricks to maintain the uniformity, elegance and prestige of your building.

Namoi Valley Pavers

See full range of Namoi Valley pavers

Namoi Valley paver range will give you the same rich earthy colouring similar to our bricks. Made from local clay products blended with shales Namoi Valley pavers have a natural look and a salt-resistent. This makes them perfectly suitable to all environments. The firing process ensures that these pavers maintain their original beauty and colour over time.

Contact MDBrick for a no obligation discussion on the work you are undertaking and the solutions available to you including Namoi Valley Bricks and Pavers.

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