Special Offers

We have a range of special offers on our current stock - call us on 1300 884 363 for more information about availability and delivery.

Ardesia Stone Cladding

Beautiful stone cladding that is timeless and will add style to your walls.

Available in three colours.

  • 400x200x15-30mm: $89.69 inc gst p/sqm
  • 400x100x15-30mm: $89.69 inc gst p/sqm

Arrinastone Retaining Walls

300x200x150 Blocks & Accessories

Lightweight blocks providing easy ways to create practical outdoor garden space. Clean sharp lines provide a contemporary finish - be the envy of the street.

  • Wall Block 300x200x150: $4.95 each
  • Corner Sets 300x200x150: $29.07 per L & R set

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Bribie Retaining Wall Blocks

The Bribie range is the ideal solution for your garden edging needs. The Bribie garden edging system is a solid unit laid with a simple construction adhesive, meaning it can be quickly and simply installed.

Block Size: 190x100x120

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Broadway Paver

ON SALE: 400x400x45

For contemporary styling with impact, the Broadway range of pavers offers sharp contemporary lines and colours, ideal for everyday living ideas, in courtyards, paths and other outdoor spaces.

  • Broadway 400: 400x400x45mm
  • PRICE: $42.54 p/sqm

Camino 50 Pavers

ON SALE: 230x115x50

The Camino 50 paver offers a small format paver ideal for driveways, paths and pool surrounds. These versatile pavers offer easy installation with a contemporary finish.

  • Camino 50: 230x115x50mm
  • PRICE: $47.76 p/sqm

Crazy Pave Cladding/Pavers

Crazy Pave is a versatile stone product that can be effective for a stone clad feature wall or for paving.

Available in a 3 colours.

  • 4 SHEETS P/SQM - APPROX 500X500: $90.78 inc gst p/sqm

Euro Classic


This premium quality large concrete paver features a smooth, flat surface texture and is the perfect choice for creating your own courtyard, entertaining area, patio and stepping stones.

  • Paver Size: 400x400x40mm - $55.09 inc gst p/sqm
  • Colours: Athens, Cyprus, Prague

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Euro Slate

This European inspired premium quality paver with a textured surface has the appearance of natural slate stone.


  • Paver Size: 400x400x40mm - $55.09 inc gst p/sqm
  • Colours: Athens, Prague

Detailed information here

Grandwall Retaining Wall Blocks

Grandwall Retaining Wall Blocks come in two colours - Charcoal and Sand


  • Block Size: 390x162x245: $7.30 inc gst
  • Cap Size: 195x60x145: $2.88 inc gst
  • Corner Size: 390x245x90: $9.66 inc gst
  • Corner Size: 340x162x145: $9.58 inc gst

Hastings Retaining Wall Blocks

Available in 4 colours: Alpine, Beach, Charcoal, Sepia


  • Block Size: 390x245x200: $10.90 inc gst
  • Corner Size: 340x140x200: $15.27 inc gst
  • Cap Size: 195x245x90: $5.68

Ledgestone Panels

Ledge Stone is manufactured using NATURAL STONE materials such as slate, granite, quartz and schist. Interlocking corner profiles are available in all 9 colours. 

We have both long and short corner profiles available to suit different design requirements.

  • Panel Size: 610x152x Random - $127.00 p/sqm inc gst
  • Long Corners (1 corner set = 2 pieces): 600x150x Random - $23.59 each inc gst
  • Short Corners (1 corner = 2 pieces): 300x150x Random - $11.79 each inc gst

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural Stone Pavers in Sandstone.
Colour Teakwood with a honed finish.


  • Paver Size: 600x400x20mm - $50.85 inc gst
  • Paver Size: 800x400x30mm - $72.52 inc gst
  • Bullnose Size: 600x400x40mm - $42.08 inc gst
  • Bullnose Size: 800x400x40mm - $74.80 inc gst

Quadro Pavers

This affordable and easy to install large paver is ideal for all home do it yourself projects including patios, paths and courtyards.

  • Paver Size: 400x400x40mm - $46.92 inc gst p/sqm
  • Colours: Charcoal, Fossil, Oatmeal, Sunstone, Terracotta

Detailed information here

Sandstone pavers

Natural Stone Pavers.
Mint White Sandstone. With a honed finish.


  • Paver Size: 600x400x15mm - $54.27 inc gst
  • Bullnose Size: 600x400x40mm - $42.08 inc gst

Stacked Stone panels

Stacked stone wall cladding available in a variety of  11 colours. 

Rectangular panels and inter- locking corners.

  • Panel Size: 600x150x20-40mm - $82.31 p/sqm inc gst
  • Corner Size: 450x150x150mm - $10.11 each inc gst


  • Panel Size: 600x150mm - $98.82 p/sq inc gst
  • Corners (set): 450x150x150mm: $11.19 eac inc gst

Stradascape50 Pavers

Stradscape50 pavers. Concrete pavers ideal for pathways, pools and driveways.

  • Paver Size: 450x300x50mm: $40.50 inc gst p/sqm
  • Colours: Brushwood, Charcoal, Oatmeal, Sunstone

Tetris Stone Cladding

Tetris stone cladding will add a unique, dynamic finish to any feature wall.


  • 5 SHEETS P/SQM - VARIOUS SIZE: $90.80 inc gst p/sqm


From creatively designed paths and courtyards, to naturally textured garden retaining walls, the Valleystone system offers great versatility, from curves to stairs.

  • Angled & Straight Blocks 295x203x125mm
  • PRICE: $6.39 each

Detailed information here


Versawall blocks feature a large split face texture resulting in a natural rock appearance. They stack together easily - perfect for retaining walls, garden walls and planter boxes.

  • Full Block: 400x200x215 - $10.90 each inc gst
  • Cornerstone L & R: 390x200x215 - $10.90 each inc gst
  • Split Cap: 300x60x250 - $3.60 each inc gst
  • Colours: Charcoal, Oatmeal, Sunstone.

Detailed information here

Villastone Bullnose Pavers

The Villastone bullnose is a popular product around swimming pools and stairs and come in a variety of sizes and colours.


  • Crosscut and Hewnstone - 400x400x40mm: $13.65 inc gst each
  • Formpave - 600x400x40mm: $21.66 inc gst each
  • Courtstone - 580x390x40mm: $21.52 inc gst each
  • Classic - 500x500x35mm: $18.23 inc gst each


  • Smooth Hewnstone Finish - 400x350x40mm: $14.69 inc gst each
  • Course Hewnstone Finish - 400x400x40mm: $15.81 inc gst each


  • Crosscut/Smooth Hewnstone only - 400x400x40mm: $21.22 inc gst each


  • Crosscut/Smooth Hewnstone only - 400x400x40mm: $21.22 inc gst each

Windsor Block

This segmental retaining wall solution is quick and easy to build with. It can be used to build to over 1 metre without reinforcement.

  • Block Size: 295x130x203mm - $5.32 each inc gst
  • Colours: Charcoal, Fossil, Mocha, Oatmeal, Sunstone, Terracotta