Driveway Pavers

Driveway pavers have become increasingly more popular due to their visual appeal and longevity.

MD Brick can supply you with driveway pavers in a variety of materials, however the most suitable types being clay, concrete and granite cobbles.

The benefits of driveway pavers go beyond their attractiveness. Most importantly driveway pavers have a much longer life span than cheaper traditional methods used on driveways such as crushed granite or gravel and even coloured or stencilled concrete. This is due to their strength and tested durability.

To make the best decision when choosing your driveway pavers, MD Brick recommends you consider the following important points:

  • Most importantly your driveway pavers need to be a minimum thickness of 50mm.
  • How much vehicle weight and traffic will your driveway have. Driveways should usually use pavers suitable for carrying Light Vehicle traffic. Light vehicles (LV) are vehicles which when fully loaded have a gross weight less than 3 tonnes. This category includes cars, utilities, delivery vans and some light 2-axle trucks.
  • Water and rain conditions may also effect the pavers you choose. Take note of the slip resistance and fall of your driveway to choose the best possible driveway pavers.
  • Clay and natural stone pavers are more suitable to driveways as they contain a very high density and overall compressive strength. Plus they are more suitable to extreme weather conditions and rainfall. They are also less prone to fading and cracking when laid correctly.
  • Permeable pavers are also a good choice for driveways. These pavers are designed to filter and drain water away from the driveway.
  • Interlocking pavers are also a great choice for driveway pavers as they have a high compressive strength and their shape allows for less turning and movement.