Grey Blocks

Concrete Grey Blocks, often referred to as besser blocks, are used for a variety of purposes.

Concrete Grey blocks are most commonly used for the construction of either residential properties or commercial buildings. Other uses include construction of walls or retaining walls.

Download our handy reference guide here:

Grey Block Reference Manual Grey Block Reference Manual (11293 KB)

Most commonly these blocks are a substrate material and either rendered over or have a more decorative façade glued to them. However, polished and honed concrete grey blocks are also available for a finish that is intended for a more visual use.

90mm Full Block90mm Hollow 3/4 Block90mm Half Hollow Block90mm Bond Beam
90mm Full Length Corner Return90mm Solid Full Block90mm Half Height Hollow Block
90mm Half Height Solid Block140mm Full Block
140mm 4 hour Full Block140mm 3/4 Block140mm 4 Hour Half Block140mm Bond Beam
340mm Corner Block140mm Corner Return140mm Top Groove Block140mm Half Top Groove
140mm Open End Block140mm 1/2 Height Hollow Block140mm 4 Hour Half Height Solid190mm Full Length Hollow Block
190mm 3 Hour Full Block190mm 4 hour full length Hollow Block190mm 3/4 Block3 Hour Half Block
190mm Bond Beam190mm Knock Out Bond Beam190mm Top Groove190mm 1/2 Length Hollow
190mm Open One End Block190mm Full Length Clean Out Block190mm Half Height Block190mm 4 hour Half Height Solid Block
190mm H Block190mm Closed End Block190mm Half Closed End Block290mm Top Groove Full Length
290mm Full Length Block290mm Closed End Full Length Block290mm Half Closed End Block190mm Capping Unit