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Learn more about bricks, blocks, pavers & retaining walls from the most experienced masonry team in the industry - what is trending and new innovative bricks as well as what you need to consider in choosing masonry products for your needs.

If you are renovating, make sure you take advantage of our unique brick matching service.

About MD Brick
MD Brick distributes bricks, blocks, pavers, retaining walls - sourced locally & overseas. Brick matching is a unique service we offer.
About Brick Properties
Not all bricks are the same - choose the right brick type to ensure durability, strength & appearance, matched to your environment.
Brick Trends
Feature wall bricks including European, specialist Spanish bricks locally made glazed and polished bricks are a popular trend.
New Bricks on The Block
New bricks available today are sourced locally & overseas give a unique look, varied textures with environmentally “green” attributes.
Better Brick Matching
Go to our brick matching web page & send a photo. Our experts can quickly determine the brick required to for your renovation.
Bricks have their differences
Dry-pressed or Extruded bricks? Common or Face bricks? What are the differences - variations, colours & texture.
About brick cleaning
Cleaning bricks requires knowledge of the type of brick and the right cleaning product to maintain the quality & colour of the brick.
Joints and Mortar
What is the best joint finish for your brick – round-iron, flush, smooth, racked-out? How wet should your mortar mix be?
Choosing a paver
Knowing your usage – driveway (flat,sloping), path or pool narrows your choice. Size, slip resistance & salt water are considerations.
Choosing retaining wall blocks
MD Brick supplies a complete range of sizes, colours and textures for all retaining walls - garden or path edging, larger retaining walls.
Meet the MD Brick Team
Extensive experience to advise and guide you on all your brick, block, paver and retaining wall needs – with a strong customer focus.
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