Efficient Delivery

MD Brick offers our customers the best possible service and the efficient delivery of your order is our priority.

MD Brick deals only with the best quality manufacturers, however, often a direct delivery from the manufacturer for a smaller quantity will be put back and you could end up waiting up to 5 working days for your delivery.

To safeguard against these situations, MD Brick is proud to offer our customers an alternative to this by organising your delivery of almost any quantity of bricks, blocks or pavers within a 3 day window of the date you request delivery.

For more information on the specifications of our trucks and forks, you can find it on our transport flyer.

Delivery Guidelines

MD Brick takes pride in the efficient and effective delivery of our products and working closely with you to meet your delivery needs. To help provide a smooth delivery and ensure that we meet Occupational Health and Safety laws, here are a few simple questions to answer to help us place your product where you want it, when you want it.

Click on this link to view our Masonry Direct Delivery Guidelines which contains information regarding truck and Forklift specifications.

Delivery Obstacles

Are there any obstacles hindering the delivery or truck access to your site. These can include:

  • Excess rubbish on site, frames, trusses, sand or roof tiles.

Busy Streets

Is your site on a busy street? It is important to advise us of this in advance as you will need to ensure that traffic controls have been organized to enable the safe unloading of your bricks.

Our trucks are Big!

Delivering your bricks to where you want them is one of our highest priorities, however it is important to ensure that the truck/forklift will be able to fit down your requested access path so we can place your bricks where you want them. Truck and fork dimensions are:

Truck Dimensions
  • 8 Wheeler: Width 3m, Length 10m
  • Truck & Trailer: Width 3m, Length 20m
Fork Dimensions:
  • Requires a minimum width of 2.8m and height of 2.8m

Our trucks are Heavy!

Is the ground condition or access path suitable for a delivery? Wet, steep or rough sites can make deliveries more difficult or unsafe, so it is important that you advise us in advance of any possible problems.

Truck Weights (Fully Loaded)
  • 8 Wheeler: 27 Tonne
  • Truck & Trailer: 50 Tonne

Footpath Access

Will the truck or crane block or restrict access to the footpath when unloading?

  • MD Brick will always endeavour to deliver your bricks as close as possible to where you want them, however there may be certain restrictions imposed by councils regarding the unloading of product over pedestrian footpaths unless adequate permits, signage and traffic controls are put in place. It will be necessary for you to ensure what requirements need to be met and that the necessary controls are in place prior to our product being delivered.


Trucks require a minimum safe working distance of 3 metres from any electrical wires. Please make sure you advise MD Brick if there are any power lines in close proximity to your project.

Delivery Restrictions

For safety reasons bricks can only be delivered 1.5 metres above or below the truck deck.

  • Bricks can only be delivered onto suspended slabs up to 1.5 metres in height if a pallet jack is used on site to move the brick packs and spread the weight evenly around the slab.

Parking Guidelines

In line with RMS road rules and regulations, Trucks are not permitted to park or unload in the following areas.

  • Within an Intersection
  • Within 20 metres of an intersection with traffic lights (unless a sign permits).
  • Within 10 metres of an intersection without traffic lights (unless a sign permits).
  • Within 20 metres before and 10 metres after a children's school crossing or pedestrian crossing.
  • Within 10 metres before and 3 metres after a marked pedestrian crossing.
  • Within 100 metres of the crest of a hill or curve if other vehicles cannot view the truck from a distance of 100 metres.
  • If not, traffic control is required.

Should you have any questions regarding the delivery of your products, please do not hesitate to contact your MD Brick Sales representative or one of our customer service staff.