Dustless, Waterless Brick Saw - IQ360

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If you are cutting concrete or masonry, you know the problems that dust creates on your job site. We realise that dust is costing your business time and money, and threatening the health and safety of your workers.

The IQ360 is the first and only masonry saw in the world tested to capture 99.5% of the dust from dry-cutting.

With the IQ360, you don’t have to pay workers to clean up dust every day. Your workers don’t have to walk back and forth from the saw and their work area. You don’t have to look for a water source to cut your bricks, blocks and pavers, as you can cut dry. And you don’t have to worry about dust exposure on your job site.

  • 14″ Masonry saw for Brick, Stone, Pavers & Tile
  • Fully-Integrated dust collection system on same power source as saw
  • Tested to capture 99.5% of the dust, cut inside or outside
  • Compact & lightweight - Easy to transport
  • Made of tough high-impact materials
  • Wide table design allows for cutting larger materials
  • Patent pending Quick-Spin™ filter for easy clean up & recycling
  • Long lasting filter, replace only once a year


Voltage: 240 v
Amperage: 15 Amps
Weight: under 32kgs
Dimensions: 43cm W x 51cm L x 76cm H
Blade Size: 14″
Spindle Size: 1″
Filter Type: Cartridge
Dust Capacity: 28 LITRES
Filter Cleaning: Quick-Spin

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