Island Block - Freestone ECO Retaining Wall System

Island Block - Eco Mist block
Island Block - Retaining Wall block
Island Block - Walnut Eco Exposed block
Island Block - Limestone Eco block
Island Block - Limestone Premium block
Island Block - Ebony Eco block
Island Block - Mist Exposed block

Island Block’s Freestone ECO Retaining Wall System are versatile and suit low garden landscape walls or engineer designed walls up to 4 metres high.

Each blocks is hollow so services such as lights/plumbing/handrails/fences can be incorporated easily into the wall. Purpose made 90 degree corner and bullnose capping are available to provide a complete system.

Sustainable and Green Tag Certified the Freestone ECO block provide a vertical wall through easy to use self-locating lugs between blocks.

Each block is 400mm long x 250mm high by 240mm wide with a huge hollow core to reduce weight for easy handling; they are lightweight and fit together like “lego” blocks.

These blocks are available in two high-quality surface finishes – a smooth finish and an exposed aggregate finish. To enhance the unique surface finish, Freestone ECO can be sealed with a proprietary masonry surface sealer.

Why Choose an Island Block Freestone ECO Retaining Wall?

  • Unique finish that glistens in the light
  • True to size, do-it-yourself
  • Up to 40% recycled glass aggregate used
  • No concrete footings required
  • Large sized easy to use blocks
Download our Island Block brochure here:

Island Block - Bricks for the Future - Brochure Island Block - Bricks for the Future - Brochure (577 KB)

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