Island Block Bricks

Island Block - Pewter Eco brick
Island Block - Pearl Walnut brick
Island Block - Mist Eco Exposed brick
Island Block - Mist Exposed brick
Island Block - Premium Mist brick
Island Block - Walnut Eco Exposed brick
Island Block - Ebony Eco Exposed brick

Island Block’s Bricks for the Future are designed and manufactured as sustainable building materials. They are eco-friendly and have been certified with the Global Green Tag - one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabels.

Island Block is the sole Australian masonry manufacturer to achieve certification and satisfies the a major criteria when building an eco-friendly home bricks.

Bricks for the Future are manufactured to stand the test of time, no replacement costs. Recycled aggregates are used where possible meaning landfill is reduced. Modern natural curing methods which reduce energy consumption are implemented, 100% captured water is used and CO2 emissions are reduced.

Island Block bricks are supplied in two finishes – ultra-smooth texture or exposed in both the Premium and Designer range of bricks.

Download our Island Block brochure here:

Island Block - Bricks for the Future - Brochure Island Block - Bricks for the Future - Brochure (577 KB)

Premium Range:
Manufactured from coloured, recycled glass aggregates, these face bricks have a unique finish that glistens in the light.

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Designer Range:
Made from natural sand aggregates, these face bricks are available in contemporary colours and neutral blends.

All bricks from the Bricks for the Future range are manufactured using tech dry additives to minimise future maintenance, help prevent efflorescence and to allow cleaning to occur with ease.

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