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This small square budget paver, from Adbri Masonry is a quick, neat and reliable solution for low cost residential paving projects.This affordable large format paver is ideal for residential paving projects with four bevels, spacing nibs and consistent sizing ensuring the pavers are quick and easy to lay.

Bullnose Pavers can have an edge profile applied for use in specific steps application.


  • Modern styling with bevel on all four edges
  • Slip resistant
  • Easy to maintain surface
  • Easy to lay with speciality spacing nibs


  • Courtyards and entertaining areas
  • Stepping stones and step treads Garden paths and footpaths Patios and garden pavers

Suitable for: Pathway, Pool
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Size: 400x400x40
Quantity per square metre: 6.25
Quadro are manufactured by Adbri

Available colours: Cream, Charcoal, Tan, Brown, Terracotta