Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers offer you the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing natural stone products to suit any paving project. The variation in colours, dimensions, sizes, textures and thickness are an integral part of the unique natural look and feel that natural stone pavers bring to you.

Selecting the right stone typically involves knowing the appearance that you want and the type of use you require – driveway, pathway, pool, general landscaping or other flooring applications.

Natural paving stones include:


Highly versatile and most often used in entertaining areas. You can create the look you need because sandstone is easily cut into the shapes and forms to reflect the look you want to achieve. Sandstone tends to remain cool as it does not absorb heat quickly and is slip resistant.


Granite, strong and hard wearing is perfect for areas that demand a high level of durability.


Limestone gives a feeling of warmth with its natural and subtle pastel colours. Very resistant to salt Limestone is often used for pool surrounds but equally blends beautifully into any project where you require a low key, minimalist look & feel.


Travertine is quite a dense product, very durable and has a uniqueness for both patterns and texture. By not absorbing heat rapidly it is cool underfoot and a great looking paver for outdoor areas that are exposed to the sun. Swimming pool surrounds are perfect for Travertine although you will also find it used in many bathroom projects. Balconies and patios are also great applications. The seamless integration of Travertine into either contemporary or traditional house designs is especially popular. 

Bluestone Basalt

Bluestone’s rich earthy colours make it a favourite when matching new paving to contemporary environments. Its dense qualities make it extremely durable and stain resistant. Most often used in high traffic outdoor entertaining areas, Bluestone blends in with older style structures, but is also equally at home with more modern projects.

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